Share Trading Account

Share Trading AccountIn order to begin share trading you need to first have an account for the same. Thus you will have to open a demat account or a share trading account to begin share trading. The demat account can be opened up by the brokerage that you are going to use as they will guide you and help you in the entire share trading account opening procedure. But before you begin trading you need to have a PAN card as the PAN card number will be necessary to open a share trading account. If you do not have a PAN card you need not worry you can apply and get a PAN card. After filling up the application form it normally takes about 10-14 days for the PAN card application to get processed after which you get your PAN card no. You can visit the following web site in order to get your PAN card issued

Once your share trading account is open you can trade in any trading instrument that you want to provided it is listed. Only the person on whose name the share trading account is can trade through it or if it is a joint account or there are other authorized members who have been allowed to use the count then they could use your share trading account. Having a Share Trading Accountshare trading account is necessary for share trading ro you could trade through any of your family members share trading accounts if you have the permission to do so. But since opening a share trading account does not take too long it is advisable to get one made in your name.

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