Stock Brokers

A stockbroker is the middle man in any exchange of securities between two parties. Put simply, he is the guy that runs between the company you wish to invest (in the event you are trading stocks) in and yourself. Their job is not to give advice on the topics of which stocks you buy; however, if you choose the right broker they can help you make an informed choice as they are well aware of stock market trends as they are coming and going. Whilst a broker may not have contact with the person in charge of delegating stocks to individuals for any particular company, they have access to area of the stock exchange where trades take place.

Stock Brokers A stockbroker generally charges a percentage of what you wish to spend on any given stock. Some brokers may even charge you a percentage of the profits that you have made on any specific sale. While they a working as a free agent (or part of a brokerage) they have no say on what specific stocks you buy and when. Their job is to make the sale. Although if they offer you advice it is generally best to take it because they know the industry better than most people because it is their job to mediate between buyers and sellers.

Stockbrokers are required to follow specific regulations and are generally required to be licensed. This is in part to help protect traders but it also helps protects the companies. Whilst stockbrokers are not investment advisors or financial advisors as such; they can play these roles if the broker is qualified enough. Brokers can also be delegated power over your portfolio in order to make financial decisions on your behalf. They are there to make your job easier when you trade on the stock market. However, with the advent of electronic stock trading the reliance on stockbrokers is become less and less.

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Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)

The Bombay Stock Exchange has a massive variety of companies listed (over 4900). It is one of the oldest stock exchanges in Asia – the oldest in fact. It was established in the 1850s and has a fairly rich heritage. Prior to actually being housed in the impressive building that it is now situated; it was actually started with the congregation of five men who would meet in front of Mumbai’s Town Hall. It took over one hundred years before the stock exchange was actually endorsed by the Indian government. In 1956 the Bombay Stock Exchange was accredited as being the first stock exchange that the Indian government recognised as a legitimate share trading organisation on Indian soil.

Bombay Stock Exchange Fast forward nearly 50 years later and the Bombay Stock Exchange was the first stock exchange in the world to offer Internet based trading through a centralized exchange system. This in turn opened the door for people to trade shares via the Internet. It also allowed international partners to interact with stock exchanges anywhere in the world from the comfort of their home Internet connections. The Bombay Stock Exchange has been the recipient of multiple awards. These awards have been awarded for the Bombay Stock Exchange’s commitment to social responsibility, excellence in the field of financial reporting and excellence in human resource management through technology.

The Bombay Stock Exchange connects Indian businesses with an outlet to offer stock trading capabilities to local, regional and international partners. It also enables people to trade securities, investments and connects investors with investment partners. It utilises electronic networks to afford all partners access to available stock options and has a transparent system that enables investors to make informed decisions on their investment options. It is often considered the epicentre of the Indian stock market and stock opportunities as they arise in the Asian area.

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Share Trading Brokers In India

There are several share trading brokers available all across the country. You can find online share trading brokers as well as the other registered share trading brokers in this list given below.

Advani Share – Online trading.

Advani Share Brokers – Share broking.

Olympia Securities: NSE stock brokers

Anand Rathi Securities – Portfolio management.

Brescon Group – Broking services

Birla Marlin: stock broking

Sivan Securities Private Limited

CIL Securities – Stock broking

Churiwala Securities – Stock trading

DSP Merrill Lynch – Investment banking and also a brokerage

Dutt Stock Broking Ltd: A specialist securities firm

Gandhi Securities Dalmia Securities – Stock broking

Gandhi Securities – Stock broking

Gogia Capital Services – Stock broking

Hasmukh Lalbhai – Stock trading

Idafa Investments – Stock broking

India Market Access – Offers stock broking

Geojit Securities Ltd: A Stockbroking firm based in Kochi (Kerala)

Investsmart India – Online brokerage services

Kisan Ratilal Choksey Shares – Stock broking

Kotak Securities – Brokerage services

Navia Markets – Stock broking

Parag Parikh – Stock broking and portfolio management

Networth Stock Broking Company Ltd: Based in Mumbai, Stock Broker of NSE, BSE.

Quantum Securities Pvt Ltd: Based in Delhi, Members of NSE and BSE.

Sajag SecuritiesSajag Securities

Rooshnil Securities Pvt Ltd

Parsoli Corporation – Investment management & stock trading

Pratibhuti Viniyog – Stock broking

Prudential – Investment management

Motilal Oswal Securities: Mumbai-based stockbroking firm; member of the BSE, NSE and OTCEI

PPFAS Ltd: Mumbai-based broker

Skindia Finance – Brokerage firm

Walletwatch: Financial Portal Stockbroking firm in Mumbai; member of the Mumbai Manubhai Mangaldas Securitiesstock exchange

Integrated Enterprises: Listed finance company based in Tamil Nadu

Manubhai Mangaldas Securities – Stock broking

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NSE Share Trading

NSE Share TradingAccording to the securities contracts and regulation act a stock exchange is regarded to be a group individuals that have been appointed for the purpose of assisting and regulating the buying and selling of securities. So a stock exchange can be a national level stock exchange or a regional level stock exchange as well. The national stock exchange or more commonly referred to as the NSE was started in the year 1993. Now it is one of the largest stock exchanges in the country and offers a platform to traders and investors to trade in stocks, securities, bonds as well as other financial instruments.

The national stock exchange has more than 850 trading instruments associated with it. And the stock exchange provides trading in over a thousand securities as well as more than two thousand debt securities apart from providing trading in derivative instruments like index futures, index options, stock futures as well as stock options. The national stock exchange group consists of the India index services and products ltd, national securities clearing corporation, national securities depositors and the DotEx international limited.

NSE Share TradingShare trading can easily be done over the national stock exchange. Infact it was one of the first stock exchanges in the country that went online. Now if you want to trade in stocks through the national stock exchange then you can easily do so if you have a demat account. You could for NSE share trading on the online website or could also do it through a broker or a sub broker who is associated with the national stock exchange.

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BSE Share Trading

BSE Share TradingThe bombay stock exchange or the BSE is the oldest stock exchange in the country. More than nine hundred trading members are associated with the bombay stock exchange and it provides trading to investors and traders in over 4500 equities as well as greater than a thousand debt securities. Just like the national stock exchange the bombay stock exchange provides a trading platform for people to trade in derivative instruments like stock options, stock futures, index futures as well as index options.

The bombay stock exchange has provided a facility for investors as well as traders to be able to trade through an online platform which is referred to as the BSE on line trading or the BOLT. The bombay stock exchange through this platform has been able to provide minimum response time and maximum efficiency to traders. Under the Bombay stock exchange or the sensex index there are 30 companies. These companies are amongst the largest in the country in their specific industries.

BSE Share TradingThe mix of thirty companies consists of companies from various industries like the telecom industry, banking industry, IT industry and others. The index also comprises of the mid caps and the BSE small caps index. Every day trading on the bombay stock exchange begins at 9.55am and goes on till the market is open till 3.55 pm. If you are interested in share trading through the bombay stock exchange then you can trade on your own or approach a registered broker or a sub broker who is associated with the bombay stock exchange.

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