BSE Share Trading

BSE Share TradingThe bombay stock exchange or the BSE is the oldest stock exchange in the country. More than nine hundred trading members are associated with the bombay stock exchange and it provides trading to investors and traders in over 4500 equities as well as greater than a thousand debt securities. Just like the national stock exchange the bombay stock exchange provides a trading platform for people to trade in derivative instruments like stock options, stock futures, index futures as well as index options.

The bombay stock exchange has provided a facility for investors as well as traders to be able to trade through an online platform which is referred to as the BSE on line trading or the BOLT. The bombay stock exchange through this platform has been able to provide minimum response time and maximum efficiency to traders. Under the Bombay stock exchange or the sensex index there are 30 companies. These companies are amongst the largest in the country in their specific industries.

BSE Share TradingThe mix of thirty companies consists of companies from various industries like the telecom industry, banking industry, IT industry and others. The index also comprises of the mid caps and the BSE small caps index. Every day trading on the bombay stock exchange begins at 9.55am and goes on till the market is open till 3.55 pm. If you are interested in share trading through the bombay stock exchange then you can trade on your own or approach a registered broker or a sub broker who is associated with the bombay stock exchange.

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